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Physical Therapy

Mobile Physical Therapy Now Available in Lexington and Surrounding Communities

New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC offers mobile physical therapy to those working or living in and around the Lexington, Kentucky area dealing with issues that affect their day to day activities. Our physical therapists are committed to helping you be the best you - physically, mentally, and spiritually

New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC offers the convenience of mobile physical therapy to people of all ages –

  • At home, where you are likely to be most comfortable or if you have limited mobility.

  • At the office, which allows you to reduce the amount of time lost as you rehabilitate.

  • In a fitness center of your choice, with appropriate authorization.


More specifically, New Direction Wellness offers these programs designed in the treatment and prevention of lower extremity injuries or disorders –

  • Our Osgood-Schlatter Disease Recovery Program helps kids overcome this condition which can cause lifelong disability, and offers a money back guarantee with a near 100% success rate for those who implement the program.

  • The Performance Knees Program teaches athletes of all ages how to improve their movement to avoid common sports injuries, and to enhance their sport and overall performance.

  • Total Motion Release – this program offers quick results by teaching you how comfortable movements can improve movements that cause pain or discomfort.


Still have questions regarding our services, availability, or pricing? Complete our short inquiry form online to learn –

  • How we can help you with our mobile physical therapy options.

  • About our pricing and availability.


Or, if you prefer, please ask for New Direction Wellness’s no-cost, no-obligation discovery/consultation which can be done virtually or via phone call. We can be reached by phone at 859-545-1681, or by email. Follow up on Instagram and Facebook for updates and special offers.

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