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Do you have a back problem, or are you just hoping to avoid one? Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability and treatment and lost revenue costs billions annually. But did you know that preventing or avoiding problems is actually pretty simple? When people understand how their backs work they are in a much better position to keep it working well for a LONG time. You can get started by requesting our FREE Back Care Tip Sheet. If you still have questions after that give us a shout and fill out this quick FORM!
Are you having some trouble just getting around? Perhaps it’s difficult for you to drop down on one knee and get back up. Is it getting hard to keep up with the kids or grandkids? Do you avoid certain activities or situations simply because it is physically difficult? One of the core principles of New Direction is helping people become the best they can be physically, mentally, and spiritually. HERE are some simple tips to help you improve your strength, mobility, and overall health! Do you want guidance to help get you up and going more quickly? Complete this FORM and someone will get back with you!
Do you know someone who suffers from knee problems such as Osgood-Schlatter’s, patellar tendonitis, or chondromalacia patella and want to do everything possible to avoid those problems? These problems are often called “overuse injuries”, but the reality is that excessive sport participation isn’t usually the main culprit. What is to blame you ask? The most common underlying cause is that too much is being asked of the knees because other body parts are not doing their fair share, and the most common slackers are the hips! There are several reasons why the hips are not helping enough which are easily handled with the proper exercises. Fill out this FORM if you’d like more information as to how New Direction can help, or request our Tip Sheet for some information.
Do you have a “pain in the neck?” And not the annoying coworker kind! Perhaps you work at a computer for long periods or your job or hobby requires you to look down a lot. Do you feel “tense” much of the time or have aching across your shoulders? Click HERE to request free information about simple ways you can keep your neck from kinking up! Want to chat or see if we are a good fit for your problem? Fill out this simple FORM so we can learn about you!
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