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Laura M, Windsor, CT

My 12 year old son was suffering from Osgood Schlatter Disease and the beginning stages of Iliotibial band syndrome -ITB. He was in unbearable pain after games and practice. I would spend hours trying to keep him comfortable with ice, tape, soaking, creams, bands, you name it and nothing worked. Jason did some virtual sessions and was able to complete a detailed assessment over zoom and diagnosis where the problem was coming from. We had been treating the knees only and found that there were so many other factors with different areas of the body that were causing the knees to become inflamed, swollen and painful. By the end of our session, my son had been given a special set of exercises and stretching that started decreasing the swelling immediately. Within a few days we saw noticeable improvement and after a few weeks we are pain free. Jason was there for us whenever we had questions and would answer right away. He even was able to jump on a video chat when my son had pain during a soccer game in other muscles to give us some stretching exercises to help him be more comfortable at the game. Jason has been beyond amazing to work with. He is so knowledgeable, friendly, detail oriented and easy to work with. I am so glad we found him and recommend him to everyone dealing with pain.

Annette Carter, Newburgh, IN

Jason is very knowledgeable in techniques specifically for Osgood Schlatter. I have twin boys, 13, who both have it. It had been debilitating. He was able to get them major relief, and provided strengthening and stretching exercises to help them beat this. We are so very thankful for him. Jason is A+!!

Julie M, McKinney, Texas

Jason responded to my email within an hour. We had a virtual appointment scheduled within that week. The day we met with Jason, my son was in the most pain he has experienced so far. He could hardly bear weight on his left leg and had actually sat out of basketball practice for the first time ever. My son has been struggling with OSD for about 9 months, but the last 4-5 have been the worst. We were desperate for help. During our virtual appointment, Jason did a thorough evaluation of my son and his movement patterns. Jason was able to help us set up the computer to get the best views. He walked us through all of the exercises and stretches. He immediately sent us an exercise program with videos. My son felt relief within 1 week. By day 10, he had the fastest time for the running drills during practice- which hasn't happened since spring. Day 14, he was able to correctly do squats and lunges in practice with only minimal discomfort, that subsides quickly after practice. We are not completely out of the woods, but feel so much better about the future. I am so thankful for Jason. He gave my son the ability to do what he loves again. I only wish we had found Jason sooner.

Auli Mäenpää, Ilmajoki, Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Finland

My daughter loves track and field, especially long jump and sprints, but has suffered from Osgood-Schlatters for the past four years. We have seen several doctors and physiotherapists, but mainly been told to wait until she stops growing. I came across Jason Goumas in a Facebook-group, contacted him and we had a video call. He gave my daughter some stretches and exercises that have helped her A LOT. After a completely missed season last year, she has now been able to train and compete again, make new personal records in her events and simply enjoy the sport she loves! She's not completely pain free, yet, but I have no doubt she'll get there with Jason's help! He has followed up her progress and given her new exercises to get her where she wants to be. I highly recommend Jason to anybody with OSD or other issues, he is definitely the one to contact! Even from across the world like in our case.

Kacy Mustain, Dripping Springs, TX

I found Dr Goumas after listening to a podcast, my son was having pain in his knees due to growing fast. He has to come out of a game and was telling me it would hurt at random times in the road home. I began listening to podcasts that had anything to do with Osgood Schlatters and Severs , both which my son had. Our Dr did an MRI and told us his growth plates were inflamed, I contacted Dr Goumas via email and he responded within an hour, we set up and appointment on Zoom where he could assess my son. We were desperate and I was willing to fly us out to him from Texas . He assessed him and provided a program of exercises and stretches. Within 2 days pain was gone. Within 3 days he was competing again. We have stayed on top of it and used his provided program to this day. If you or your child have these issues please contact him and get it fixed!

Jennifer Corbo Del Pozo, Newtown, CT, USA

My daughter (14) was suffering from bad osgood- schlatter disease she couldn’t play soccer for more than 7 minutes without limping . Had a virtual session with Jason and within a week she was able to stay on the field without pain . The program he put her on was exactly what she needed.. she continues to do the stretching daily and is almost back to 100%! It’s been about 1 month!! Bravo Jason

Jayme C, Mason, OH, United States

Great Experience! ... Jason met with my son virtually to help him with Osgood Schlater's pains that have been bothering him for almost a year (due to growth spurts). In the zoom meeting, Jason took the time to look at my son's movement and mechanics to help build a PT program that would help him have less pain and discomfort while playing the sports he loves. ... Jason built a program and sent over a very comprehensive PT curriculm document, which also included video links to help my son execute the exercises with correct form. He also followed up with us and reviewed updated videos of the exercises to make minor form adjustments .... After about 6 weeks into the program, my son was feeling much better and had noticeably less pain than before he started the program. Highly recommend!

Eveline G, The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

I had a video session with Jason and I learned some very good techniques that gave immediate results. One of the things that was bothering me after ACL surgery was a 'pop' in my good knee when I squatted, due to a tight IT-band, and he solved it in a matter of minutes. I am very impressed!

Candice H., Swindon, Wiltshire, Great Britain

My son Mitchell, aged 12 has been a keen footballer since he was about 7 years old. He usually plays around 4 times a week.
In the last 18 months he developed a lot of pain in his knees which due to the lumps underneath his knees his coach thought was OSG. He continued to play through the pain but he was gradually getting worse and worse, to the point where after the last match that he played before lockdown here in the UK on 1st Nov 2020, he played around 20 minutes in total, not in one go and ended up in agony. He rested his knees and put ice packs on them when we got home but when he tried to walk later on he looked like my 95 year old granny did!
I said to him that it was time to do something about it and to stop trying to play through the pain. I joined the OSG support group on facebook and discovered a lot of people in the same situation. Lots of people recommended Jason Goumas at New Direction so I dropped him a message and explained our situation. He arranged a video call with us for the 4th Nov and watched how Mitchell moved, jumped, stretched etc as well as asking questions about his situation. After the video call Jason sent across a tailored exercise/ stretching regime for Mitchell which to his credit Mitchell has stuck to religiously. The exercises don't take very long at all, maybe ten minutes in the morning, 2 minutes mid afternoon and 10/15 minutes in the evening.
I was sceptical because the exercises seemed so easy but yesterday we had the best news.
It was the first game back after our lockdown ended and Mitchell didn't ask to start on the bench he was up for testing his "new" knees. He played the whole of the first half (35 mins) and roughly 20 minutes of the second half, he scored 2 goals and got himself man of the match, but the best bit..... NO PAIN AT ALL!
I kept asking him all evening and was expecting him to say that his knees were starting to hurt or he would struggle walking but nothing, they were totally fine. He said they ached a bit but after checking with Jason he said that would be normal as they hadn't had such a workout in a long time.
Mitchell will continue with his exercises under Jason's instructions and tweak them when Jason has advised too
Jason is always at the end of an email if you have any questions (providing its not the middle of the night for him as he is in the US and we are in the UK) and he went over and above when I said I would struggle with the payment upfront due to work issues at the moment, allowing me to pay in instalments.
It has only been just over 4 weeks since the start of the programme and I never imagined such an enormous achievement in such a short space of time, who knows it might have been like that after 1 week or 2 but because we were in lockdown, Mitchell could not play.
I cannot thank Jason enough for giving back my football mad son with no pain when he plays, and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is in pain with OSG, don't even think twice about it just drop him a message.

Tracey Dundas, Willaston, United Kingdom

Luke had been suffering with Osgood-Schlatter for about two years. Jason video called Luke and showed him some exercises to do. They were quite painful at first but perseverance paid off and months later Luke still does them every evening. A difference was noticed in the first week. No knee supports are required anymore and he plays sports pain free. He notices a difference if he missed his exercises. We are so pleased and Jason has been amazing and he is always there if we need any help even with all those miles between us. Very grateful. Thank you. Forever grateful!

Chris Clabaugh, Sinking Spring, PA, United States

My daughter began suffering from Osgood–Schlatter at 10 years old. She is an active child who plays competitive soccer all year round. Our doctors recommended completely shutting her down from all athletic activity. We were introduced to Jason Goumas, PT and set up a video consultation. Jason was able to show her a variety of exercises and range of movements. Working through these exercises has helped her tremendously and she is back to full participation pain free! I highly recommend Jason for anyone suffering with Osgood–Schlatter.

Kristin, K, Nashua, NH, USA

Katie has been suffering from intermittent knee pain for at least 5 years. She grew really fast one summer and her muscles and joints never seemed to keep up. After hearing that she just had to wait it out from several doctors and PTs, she decided to keep playing volleyball through the pain. I saw a facebook post from Jason regarding the success he's had and we decided to give it a shot. Well after a few weeks, Katie was still feeling it slightly in her knees, but to a much lesser degree than before. What convinced me was the 4.5 mile hike we did on vacation this summer-and she didn't complain about her knees even once. While she still has some work to do, the progress so far has been great. Thanks Jason!

Maddie Dion, Devils Lake, ND, USA

In late February of this year our very active 11 year old daughter was sidelined with sudden knee pain. She has always been active with Tae Kwon Do, Cross Fit, and Dance. After a visit with her doctor we had a diagnosis of Osgood Schlatters. We were sent to physical therapy where we were given a list of 10 or so different exercises to help. While, the inflammation seemed to improve after about a month, she could only participate at a level of about 75-80%. This was very hard for her, so we continued to seek out treatment options, which we soon found that there weren't many. It was very defeating to read that a lot of advice was to stop activity completely. The weeks that our daughter could not participate she was a completely different kid at home, sad, moody, nothing seemed to excite her. I had joined a Facebook support group for Osgood Schlatters and saw some posts written by Jason Goumas PT, from New Direction, about the treatment of Osgood Schlatters. I felt like we had nothing to lose by reaching out. I sent Jason a message and heard back within the hour. He scheduled a video conference with us to assess our daughter. With that assessment he went through proper stretching and other exercises that would get our daughter back to her normal activity level. She is back at 100% in dance, runs without pain, and even will do spins on her knees without pain! Her bumps are still there on her knees, but she is happy and just active as she was prior to February!! I am so glad that we reached out to Jason. If you are unsure of what the next steps are for your child or yourself, I would not hesitate again to contact Jason!! He has followed up with our daughter's progress multiple times since our video conference and assessment.

Nicole O., Perth, Western Australia, AUS

At the end of May my 10yo daughter started complaining of Knee Pain. The complaints and pain continued for 2 weeks until she was limping severely and I took her to the GP. He diagnosed OSD and to rest and cut back activity/sports for possibly a year.
She had gone from doing next to nothing during the lockdown, to being overloaded with soccer, netball, running, swimming, break dancing etc. I took her to a physio who said her knee was way too inflamed and to rest it, which took nearly 2.5 weeks for it to settle down. Cue us being really lucky, as we found Jason Goumas who’s explanations made complete sense to us. We tee’d up a video call on 27th June and he looked at her movement, gave us some helpful background information and sent through some exercises which she does religiously. One week on her pain was rarely there, we were holding off on most activity, and any impact like running or landing on it would still cause her some pain issues. Within another few weeks of following Jason’s program, her activities increased and her pain continued to decrease. Seven weeks on, she is back to netball, swimming and school athletics carnival training, not to mention standard kid play, and pain is no longer an issue.
This is such an awesome outcome for her, especially given the initial, bleak outlook from her GP restricting sport for a year.
Our experience has been wonderful. I would highly recommend anyone suffering OSD to reach out to Jason, as the results speak for themselves, not to mention the continued guidance and knowledge shared, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We are truely grateful.

My 13 year old son was diagnosed with OSD in October 2019. He plays competitive travel baseball and he enjoys swimming, and bouldering. He was non stop on the go and then suddenly without warning he could barely walk. His pain came on fast and got worse every day. We immediately went to his pediatrician who sent us to several knee specialist who basically said he would grow out of it. Seeing a kid go from extremely active to constant pain barely able to get from class to class was frustrating to watch. We spent thousands of dollars and countless hours seeking treatment. We didn't care about sports anymore we just wanted our son to feel better. We met Jason on a Facebook OSD page and he agreed to do a video call with us to assess our son. He gave us some stretching exercises and spoke to us about his mechanics while doing the stretches. We have been working hard and within weeks my son is pain free and just started working on baseball again. He is able to take our new dog jogging! We are so grateful to Jason for listening and providing us with a new option for treating OSD.

Steffanie Smith, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Coby Levesque, Putney, VT, USA

New Direction helped my shoulder so fast!
It was in pain for over a week.
One session and the next day it was completely gone.
Thank you so much!

Ante Tolić, Split, Croatia

My son was diagnosed with OSD in November 2019. There was no way he could play football without pain. We tried all the various programs, rest and everything that orthopedists recommended. There was no help. In July 2020, I contacted Jason Goumas over the internet. Jason gave the exercises to my son and showed them to him via video call. After 4 weeks of my son is running, jumping under the heaviest load playing the game WITHOUT PAIN. JASON THANK YOU

Ron S., Rollingsford, NH, USA

I initially consulted Jason about what seemed to be a tear or severe strain in my bicep, just above the elbow. Despite not having a formal diagnosis he was able to provide professional, concise insight and guidance. After our video consult he recommended a series of stretches and exercises. One day of following these recommendations had me seeing improvement. One week later I was back to 90% and one week after that I was pain free. I especially appreciate the no meds approach to healing oneself and will definitely seek out his services should the need arise again. Thank you very much Jason!

B. H., Coolidge, AZ, USA

My doctor said my rehab would take at least 6 months. After 4 weeks I have 100 % range of motion virtually zero pain. My doctor has never seen such a fast recovery. Thank you Jason you gave me an extra 5 months of quality life and back to work far before expectations.

Sarah McKinney, Apex, NC, United States

My daughter had a severe case of Osgood Schlatter. She had been suffering from it for about 18 months. We probably spent over $2k on trying to find a way to relieve the pain so that she could continue in her sports. She was a very active kid who played tennis, basketball, softball, and her favorite, soccer. She would try to play through the pain but it got to a point that she was limping and couldn't be effective. Her walking up the stairs looked like an 80 year old woman with severe arthritis! We took her to 3 orthopedics, 3 physical therapists, and a chiropractor. We also purchased the Core Advantage program. Everyone thought they had the answer to get her back to playing sports but eventually everyone of them said she had a severe case and was one of the unlucky ones that would have to wait until she stopped growing before the pain would go away. We had even tried a few months of rest with lots of foam rolling but once she tried to be at all active she would flare up. She also had pain in both hips which we were told was basically the same thing as OS in her hips. In addition to everything else we tried many supplements, CBD oil, level 4 laser therapy, and so many other things that I can't remember it all!

Her last x-rays were the end of June 2020 and at that point her growth plates were still wide open. We were told she hadn't even hit her growth spurt yet so she had a long ways before the pain went away. In the middle of July 2020 (just a couple weeks after the x-rays) Jason reached out to me and said he could cure my daughter. I literally thought "yeah right, that's what they all say" but I also figured I had nothing to lose. We had maybe a 20 minute video chat and even afterwards I thought there's no way these few stretches are going to help. For the next week my daughter went for a 1/2 mile run each morning and she had no pain in her hips or knees. I still was not fully convinced she wasn't going to flare when she did something more intense so we had her play an hour of tennis and she still didn't flare. She's now running a little over a mile a day and has also gotten onto the soccer field. She was shooting on goal, doing a lot of cutting moves, and sprinting with the ball all still pain free! Have to say I'm still shocked this worked but my daughter will tell you that she's never felt her quads get so fully stretched before. Jason, you are truly a miracle worker! Thank You!!!!

G. L.

My daughter, Emily, is a year round softball player and all around athletic girl. In middle school she developed a small bump on her knee that was painful and tender. It was a daily discomfort that worsened with activity. When taken to an orthopedic, she was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease and basically told she needed to take a break from sports for 6 months to a year. Jason heard about what Emily was going through his daughter because they went to school together. He reached to us and explained what was going on in her knee and how to alleviate it if not cure it with a few simple exercises. He literally met us in the parking lot one day and showed Emily how to do a few stretches correctly and followed up with us to make sure it was helping. Her knee pain and tenderness went away within a couple of weeks of doing quad stretches and she never had to stop playing sports. Jason has a great understanding of the body and how it works and how to make it better with simple exercises. We are truly grateful to him and his help. It would have been devastating if Emily would have had to stop being an athlete. And I was really disappointed that our orthopedic did not give us this option.  Be blessed by Jason. He has been a lifesaver to us.--

Lottie P, Colwyn Bay, Wales, United Kingdom

After my daughter had come to the conclusion that she would never compete to the best of her ability again we found Jason Goumas. He is passionate and highly knowledgable about the condition Osgood Schlatters Disease. We had an online session to assess her range of movement and Jason identified a key area which none of our Drs or PTs had addressed so far. We had a range of exercises to do, many of which we hadn’t heard of before even after buying into various tried and tested programmes. The results were striking and almost immediate, she beat the kid in sports day that she’d previously limped after. Furthermore Jason has been on hand to help and advise along the way, this has not been a one stop shop. The long term affect of OSD for us was not just in her knees it was a loss of confidence and a lack of belief in her body to heal itself. Jason has given her hope that she can resume her team sports to a high level and for that we can’t thank him enough!!

Toni Strickland, Millington, TN, USA

I would like to thank Jason Goumas for helping me with my lower back, He has showed me ways to properly do things so in the future I'm not straining my back, The exercises that he has provided me with are perfect for my every day living, they have helped me with how to move, pick up things and adjust to what I am doing so I properly do what is safe for my back.
Jason was a great instructor.

Yana Miller, Elyria, OH, USA

Mr. Goumas helped me so much!  He worked with me at the end of last summer when I experienced pain and stiffness in my back, quads and calves that was hurting so badly and causing terrible running form.  Some days I could barely keep up with my team mates due to the pain.  Mr. Goumas provided me with simple yet effective stretches and strategies that helped me so much!  I found out very quickly that if I listened to him and did the stretches the pain was gone and my form improved in just a few short weeks.  I don’t know how to thank him enough for getting me back on track so I could enjoy my year of soccer at college.  I’m grateful for his help and he will be the first person I call if I need to relieve any back or leg pain again!

Matt Creager, St. Petersburg, FL, USA

I was introduced to New Direction via workers comp. I had a pretty good spill at work that required some physical therapy on both my knees. Jason gave me some great exercises that helped manage the pain and allowed me to get some strength and balance back. Jason did a great job through the virtual connection of showing me the exercises and then telling me what I was doing right or wrong. Thanks for sending me on the healing path Jason.

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