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Personal Training

Traditional and Virtual Personal Training Services 

New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC specializes in offering personal training to individuals of all ages, as follows –

  • In-person Personal Training Lexington & Surrounding Areas.

  • Interactive, Virtual Personal Training Services via HIPAA compliant video chat service for anyone across the globe.


Virtual personal training services offer incredible convenience to many individuals - which was not available only a few decades ago. These include those people –

  • Who are short on time and would benefit from having the option of avoiding a commute to a facility or simply want to work from the convenience of their home or office.

  • Who are mobility challenged but would benefit from regular supervised training to improve their overall health and mobility, to name a few.


New Direction Wellness’s personal training offers athletes of all ages the opportunity –

  • To learn how to compete pain free.

  • To learn how to avoid ankle or knee pain by moving correctly, especially in young athletes.

  • To learn how to enhance athletic performance without pain or injury from repetitive motion.

  • To understand how Total Motion Release therapy can quickly improve painful conditions in ways that last.

  • To understand how to overcome the impact and symptoms of the debilitating Osgood-Schlatter Disease.


The virtual personal training services offered by New Direction Wellness and PT effectively treat –

  • Those who find it challenging to move around – like getting up from a sitting position.

  • Those who have tendinitis or other injuries that occur from overuse.

  • Those who have been diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease.

  • Those who spend inordinate amounts of time sitting for work (or a hobby) and have developed neck and shoulder muscle tension, among others.


Are you interested in learning how New Direction Wellness and PT can help you mitigate pain and soreness that will allow you to become more mobile or reach optimal performance?

At New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC, we offer a cost-free consultation either in-person or via the Internet using the Facetime or Skype app. At New Direction Wellness, we are available to answer any questions by email, our online inquiry form, or by telephone at 859-545-1681. Before your first visit, it is essential to complete the personal information forms – available on New Direction Wellness’s website


You can follow New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC, on Instagram and Facebook as we regularly update our clients with special offers from time to time. Check out the testimonials from our clients across the world, from Arizona to Australia to Croatia to the United Kingdom, and beyond.

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