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Performance Knees Program

Now Offering a Youth Knee Injury Recovery and Knee Injury Avoidance Program and Services

New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC is a full-service physical therapy and training facility offering wellness services that includes –

  • Young Athletes Knee Injury Prevention Programs and Services.

  • Youth Knee Injury Prevention Program and Services for athletes and non-athletes.

  • Knee Injury Avoidance Program and Services for athletes and non-athletes.


New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC specializes in the training and the prevention of injuries or the rehabilitation of young injured athletes. However, it is noted that our physical therapy & personal training options are open to any client – of any age – who wishes to improve their mobility and, ultimately, their overall health.

More specifically, the Youth Knee Injury Recovery and the Knee Injury Avoidance program offered by New Direction Wellness educates athletes – old and young -

  • About the effective ways to avoid – or if necessary, to overcome these conditions and disorders –

    • Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease – a painful condition caused by inflammation where the patellar tendon connects the top of the shinbone. The pain often continues across the kneecap as well.

    • Tears of the ACL – the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. This is common in sports that require frequent pivots and lateral cuts, like soccer, basketball, football, tennis, and skiing, to name a few.

    • Patellar Tendinitis – this condition is typically caused by repetitive stress and overuse that eventually causes tiny tears in the tendon, which weakens the tendon in time.

    • Other common sports injuries that impact the knee joint.

  • About the ways in which to adjust fundamental movement patterns that have the ability to –

    • Help avoid common injuries in young, middle-aged, and older athletes.

    • Help improve young, middle-aged, and older athletes' athletic performance in the sport of their choice.


Do you have a question about the many services offered by New Direction Wellness? These include –


  • A Youth Knee Injury Recovery Program

  • A Young Athletes Knee Injury Prevention Program, or

  • A Knee Injury Avoidance Program. We offer a free discovery consultation at our Lexington, Kentucky location, or online, using Skype or Facetime. To talk with one of our skilled physical therapists, complete this online formon New Direction Wellness's website.


We are available by phone at 859-545-1681, or you can send us a quick note by email, to which we will respond one business day. To learn more about our physical therapy services or the regular special offers we provide, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

If you need to access and complete our required paperwork prior to your first visit, these intake forms are available on our website by following the link.

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