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Wellness Lexington KY

Offering Mobility Assessment & Options for Wellness Lexington KY

New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC, a full-service firm, offers mobility assessments for individuals (of all ages) that are managing discomfort or pain in their knees, ankles, or other lower extremity issues.

From their location in Lexington KY, New Direction’s mobility assessments have been designed to measure each client’s functional mobility with regard to full-range strength training – ultimately assessing a client’s mobility by measuring their basic range of motion in different areas of the body.

New Direction Wellness’s licensed providers are trained to discern which areas their clients need to focus on to reach their strength training and mobility objectives.

The mobility assessments offered by New Direction Wellness include, in part, -

  • A Full Squat -this assesses one’s hip flexion range of motion as well as one’s ankle dorsiflexion.

  • The Pike Position - Pike position tests the hamstring, hip, and lumbar spine range of motion from a forward flexion at the waist.

  • An Active Spinal Extension - the most basic move that tests rectus abdominis & lumbar spine extensions.

  • An Active Shoulder Flexion - this assesses one’s ability to access a full shoulder flexion.

  • An Active Shoulder Extension - this assesses one’s ability to access the full shoulder extension.


The ultimate objective of performing a mobility assessment is to determine how to help individuals improve their movement and help individuals reduce the potential risk of injury.

Want Additional Information about New Direction Wellness and PT’s Mobility Assessments and Wellness Lexington KY?

At New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC, we offer a no-fee, no-obligation consultation online or at our facility in Lexington. We are available by telephone at 859-545-1681, or you can submit a quick note by email, to which we will respond within a day. Check out New Direction Wellness on Instagram and Facebook for updates and special offers throughout the year.

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