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Movement Coaching

Mobility Training and Movement Coaching Now Available in and around the Lexington, Kentucky Area

New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC understands the importance that everyone must remain mobile throughout their lives. Through New Direction Wellness's mobility training and movement coaching options, our clients receive these benefits –

  • The improvement to one's range of motion with regard to muscles, tendons, and joints.

  • The ability to manage existing imbalances in one’s gait and body, causing discomfort or pain.

  • The reduction in one’s potential for injuries due to mis-movement.

  • The improvement to one’s posture.

  • The effective mitigation of everyday aches/pains.

  • The enhancement of one’s awareness of their body, among others.


Essentially movement coaching and mobility training prepare one's body for the stress generated from an intense workout.

New Direction Wellness offers a patient-centric, innovative physical therapy treatment known as Total Motion Release(TMR) in addition to the above-mentioned movement coaching and mobility training options. Total Motion Release therapy effectively treats musculoskeletal issues that often include stiffness, weakness, and/or reduced joint motion, to name a few.

Total Motion Release therapy has been shown to be efficient and effective by offering quick relief from pain that has been caused by any number of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Total Motion Release works because it successfully and naturally re-aligns and releases (which ultimately, heals!) the limitations in the body that are caused by –

  • Tendonitis.

  • Muscles strains.

  • Ligament strains.

  • Arthritis.

  • Degeneration of spinal discs, to name a few.


Our clients at New Direction Wellness and PT learn how to move in comfortable ways that replace the incorrect movements that cause discomfort, aches & pains.

Are you currently challenged by mobility issues that are impacting the quality of your life or your ability to outperform on the court or field?

Are you still wondering how New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC can help you? Check out the testimonials from our clients across the world, from Arizona to Australia to Croatia to the United Kingdom, and beyond.

Give New Direction Wellness and PT a call at 859-545-1681 to request our no-cost consultation that is available either in-person or via the Internet using the Facetime or Skype app. We can be reached via email or by completing New Direction’s online inquiry form for those who prefer.

New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC, offers updates and specials on Instagram and Facebook.

Before your first visit, please complete the personal information forms – available on New Direction Wellness’s website

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