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Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention & Ankle Pain Prevention Services Available in Lexington and Online

New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC offers physical therapy, training, and wellness services to individuals in and around Lexington as well as around the world who wish to avoid injury and improve performance.

And while New Direction Wellness specializes in the prevention of injuries or the rehabilitation of young athletes who have sustained injuries, our physical therapy & personal training options are available to anyone – of any age – who seeks to improve their mobility and overall health.

As experts in how the human body moves, New Direction's health care professionals and physical therapists are uniquely trained to offer a refined perspective on the most efficient and precise movement of the human body across one’s lifespan. Together, our clients and our therapists custom design an integrated care plan to meet the client’s defined objectives.

We are adept at helping athletes/individuals identify those imbalances and/or risk factors that may predispose them to a potential injury or inhibit their athletic performance unknowingly. Identifying and proactively addressing these issues will also facilitate the individual's ability to participate in all of life's activities that are of interest.

However, should an athlete develop Osgood-Schlatter Disease, New Direction offers a highly effective program that educates sufferers how to improve movement efficiency and overcome the debilitating impacts of Osgood-Schlatter. In addition, the Osgood-Schlatter Disease Recovery Program we offer:

  • Has nearly a 100% success rate for those clients who comply with the program instructions.

  • The majority of clients have seen significant pain reduction (or are even pain free!) in only 1-3 weeks – applying the techniques they have learned in their first session.


If you would like more information about our injury prevention, recovery, or Osgood-Schlatter Disease program, we provide a no-cost consultation via phone or video call. We are available by phone at 859-545-1681, or you can send us a quick note by email, to which we will respond within one business day. To learn more about our services or any special offers we provide, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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