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Taito Type X2 Arcade Loader 1.5 60 tergodr




6 Description : Taito type x2 arcade loader is a program that makes an arcade game from a type x2 disk image. This is done by writing the disk image to a fast sdcard and loading it on the taito type x2. Taito type x2 supports the images of three popular arcade game formats, but it does not support the images of some rare or obsolete games. However, support for these rare games is possible by uploading a custom disk image. Taito type x2 arcade loader 1.5 supports two different folder types, one is c, the other is wd. In this release, the folder type is c. It is recommended to change it to wd if you want to use an SD card as a disk. Features : - X2 loader for various arcade games and language data - "Automatic" detection of bs2 image - "Automatic" language data selection - Unlimited language data - Support for various arcade games - Support for a wide range of available system (maximum system version is 50) - Support for c, wd, and "bd" folder types - Support for "a", "ms", and "s" folder types - Support for i, "d", and bbd folder types - Support for the following folder types: "c": c "wd": wd "bd": "bd" (bin/bd) "a": "a" "ms": "ms" "s": "s" "i": "i" "d": "d" bbd (bin/bib+bd): bbd (bin/bib+bd) (indie) bdb: bdb (bin/bd+bd): bdb (bin/bd+bd) (indie) bdb+: bdb+ (bin/bd+bd+bd): bdb+ (bin/bd+bd+bd) (indie) sds: sds (bin/sds):




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Taito Type X2 Arcade Loader 1.5 60 tergodr
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