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Ankle Injury Avoidance Program

New Direction Wellness offers Both an Ankle Injury & Ankle Injury Avoidance Program

New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC is a full-service physical therapy and training facility serving clients in Lexington, Kentucky, the surrounding communities, and online.

At New Direction Wellness, we specialize in training and preventing injuries or the rehabilitation of athletes who wish to improve their mobility and, ultimately, their overall health. In addition to the traditional physical therapy and personal training services one would expect from New Direction Wellness, we also offer –

  • An ankle injury avoidance program – because ankle sprains are typically considered among the most common of all sports injuries, it is essential that all athletes understand how to protect their ankles – especially for youngsters who can learn prevention strategies that potentially last a lifetime.

  • An ankle injury recovery program for young athletes to older athletes, and all athletes in -between.


Ankle injuries can have a tremendous impact on all athletes, both acutely and in the long term. It remains quite beneficial for all athletes to understand how to avoid an ankle injury that could ultimately continue and recur throughout adulthood and even into retirement.

In 2018, the National Institutes of Medicine (NIH) published a report concluding that balance/coordination training was effective for recurrent ankle issues for one year after the initial ankle sprain occurred.

To reach our skilled physical therapists at New Direction Wellness, call us at 859-545-1681, or send us a note via email. Additionally, you can follow New Direction Wellness on Instagram and Facebook. Once you have a scheduled appointment with one of our physical therapists or trainers, please complete these forms available on our website by following the link.

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